revolucionptc - similar paidverts

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revolucionptc - similar paidverts

Post by solarios on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:34 am

Hello everyone, this day I bring a great ptc, new, called REVOLUCIONPTC.
has the same system gain paidverts. levels used (BAPS).
5% of the clicking of the ref
10% of ads purchased

more levels you have, better ads will appear you
has a month. 2500 registered. It's your chance to quickly climb to higher levels you never could in paidverts

using paypal payments, AlertPay Egopay n Solid Trust Pay
minimum $ 5
payment in 4 hours maximum
I have already received payments of this ptc

What are you waiting? You can be one of the first and make lots of money, you can easily get referrals

clic here to register
revolucionptc .com/?solarios

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