PTCFarm - - Build farm, collect eggs and earn real cash!

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PTCFarm - - Build farm, collect eggs and earn real cash!

Post by ptcfarm on Sat May 07, 2016 12:39 pm

PTCFarm -dot- com - Build farm, collect eggs and earn real cash!

Hello you dear farmers! I'm very glad and happy to open PTCFarm's doors for you! Are you ready to collect eggs and milking your cows??? Let's start build your farm, select your farm animals and start earn real money today!

This is a Revolution in the PTC World!

Don't waste your time to calculate daily average clicks, rent hundreds of rental referrals, select which one is live or which one is dead, recycle which one is clicking good or other embressing rented referral statistics anymore!
Just rent normal-silver-bronze or golden chicken instead of hundreds of rented referrals, and only collect daily fresh eggs to earn money!
Also, pay for one time for a cow and start to milking and collect daily fresh milk bottles!

Here is PTCFarm's some features:
1- Unique system and funny concept!
2- Rent only one chicken instead of hundreds of rented referrals!
3- Fixed earnings by selling eggs instead of rented referrals' daily changing average clicks!
4- Earn 0.80 USD up to 2.00 USD just by selling one normal-bronze-silver-golden egg!
5- Collect 1 up to 3 milk bottles and Earn 10.00 USD up to 30.00 USD by selling them everyday!
6- Smart Payment System; in this way we will make PTCFarm solid against any instability occurrence even when our members reach millions and no one encounter any issues about payments!
7- Quaranteed and daily payments!
8- Great promotions and deposit bonuses!
9- Great referral contests with big prizes!
10- Play farm game while earn real money!
11- Rent standard, bronze, silver and golden chickens, collect daily fresh bronze-silver-golden eggs and

Note: Up to %50 Deposit bonus promotion started! Deposit today and get %50 bonus!!
Note: First Referral Contest started!! Total prize 975 USD!! Don't miss this opportunity!!

ptcfarm -dot- com

Here is some images from hencoop and barn and account page!

Register PTCFarm -dot- com for more and start today to earn cash while enjoy!

Let's build your farm and have fun while earn money with PTCFarm -dot- com!


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