The Best Innovative Plan In PTC Website's History

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The Best Innovative Plan In PTC Website's History

Post by adclickworld on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:34 pm

#Adclickworld Make money online with paid surveys, free offers and paid per click advertising. Taking surveys online is a fast, fun and easy way to make extra money.
BASIC Investment : $100
Daily10 Ad'sWill Be Displayed
pay Per Ad : 0.083 USD
Total Returns : 200 USD

SIGN UP NOW NORMAL Investment::: $300
Daily20 Ad'sWill Be Displayed
Pay Per Ad : 0.156 USD
Total Returns : 750 USD

SIGN UP NOW EXPERT Investment :::: $500
Daily30 Ad'sWill Be Displayed
Pay Per Ad : 0.195 USD
Total Returns : 1400 USD

SIGN UP NOW PREMIUM Investment ::: $1000
Daily40 Ad'sWill Be Displayed
Pay Per Ad : 0.310 USD
Total Returns : 3000 USD

::::::::Ad Income:::::::

1.Weekly 5 days Ad's Will Be Displayed

2.Each Ad Time Will Be 60 secs

3.Every Id Valid for 12 months From The Date Of Registration

::::::::::::Booster Income :::::::

Ones Account Activated and With in 30days , If He refer 2 Persons Under Hime With His equal Investment or More Than His Investment Then Automatically His Ad Income Will Be Doubled.

:::::::::Booster Income Chart::::::::::

Per Click Total Return Boost Perclick Total(Boostincome)
Plan A: $0.083 $200 $0.1245 (0.0415) $300
Plan B: $0.156 $750 $0.234 (0.078) $1125
Plan C: $0.195 $1400 $0.2925(0.0975) $2000
Plan D: $0.310 $3000 $0.465(0.155) $4464

::::::::Binary Commission::::::::::

10% Binary
No Capping Remaining Will Be Carry forward
Binary Withdrawals Will Be processed Every Month 10th , 20th , 30th .
Lifetime Royalty Plan :


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